Save the date: Alpen Challenge 2019 at June 16th


Rock Fall at the Splügen Pass: The forces of nature influence the routes of the Alpen Challenge 2018


The Alpen Challenge is a road race taking place in the high mountains. That is what makes the event so striking and fascinating yet a genuine challenge at the same time. The route covering the Splügen pass has become a challenge of its own. The rock fall of Gallivaggio makes the road impassable. Being in close contact with the local authorities, we have spared no effort trying to find an alternative route, yet without success. For safety reasons, there will be a long-term block of the road through the Val San Giacomo.

We are devastated to announce that the ride through the Bergell area, climbing the Splügen pass and covering the Viamala will not be possible this year, yet we are to accept the Italian authorities’ decision. The biggest part of the loose material above the monastery of Gallivaggio has fallen down already, yet some parts are still in motion, which increases the likelihood of further rock falls.

The conclusion is clear: the Alpen Challenge will be shorter and faster, the challenge remains the same. There will also be awards covering the Albula and Julier pass being part of the 116 kilometer route option.

The current situation at the Splügen pass:

One can climb the Splügen pass itself since the beginning of April, yet the movements of the soil and rocks above Gallivaggio have increased noticeably in the meantime which made the authorities close the road leading to the pass. The road is open only for very short periods of time and under very strict conditions only. A big rock fall at the end of Mai has not damaged the road or buildings nearby, but there is a likelihood that further similar rock falls will occur in the near future. In order to be able to react as fast as possible, the local administration has even declared a state of emergency for the region. As a further option, they even consider to build a diversion road making the Italian part of the Splügen pass accessible again soon.

At this point in time, we assume that we are able to ride on our approved route again in 2019, including the Splügen pass.


Despite the road being closed, the Alpen Challenge itself will take place according to plan. We ask you for your understanding, yet the changes were necessary and beyond our control. It has never been our intention to fully concentrate on the classic route with the Albula and the Julier in 2018.

Ever since the closure had been debated, we were looking for an alternative route, yet there is non, as we would have chosen it otherwise and as we would have offered it to you.

It goes without saying, though, that we will provide you with the best conditions possible on our classic route to make the event an unforgettable one anyways.

Notification as to the general terms and conditions with regard to the registration for the Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide: in case the weather or other factors not being influenced by the organization make it necessary, the route might be shortened or the maximum time for the riders reduced. In case of safety issues, the event might even be cancelled entirely. In these cases, participants can not claim refunds of the fees paid in advance. In case participants draw back from their registration, they also can not claim refunds respectively.

The preparation begins now:

Alpen Challenge on June 17th, 2018


Are you up for a new challenge? On June 17th, the Graubünden mountains are awaiting you with the road bike highlight of the summer. The new date guarantees for even more riding pleasure, however as to the benchmarks of the race, we stick to proven concepts. The start and finish for both the 116 and the 190 kilometer route will again be located in the biathlon arena.

Whether you are capable of riding the Maloja and Splügen pass after the Albula and the Julier you may decide even during the race. The registration is open now.


You are looking for the perfect accomodation for your race? Our partner Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide, PRIVÀ Alpine Lodge and Revier Mountain Lodge Lenzerheide offer special packages for all riders.


The tourist and cycling region Lenzerheide is able to offer hotels, apartments, campsites and group accommodation of all budget categories. Please find further information on our booking site.

For additional enquiries, please refer to the information office of Lenzerheide:

Voa principala 37
CH-7078 Lenzerheide

Tel. +41 81 385 57 00

New event date: June 17th


The Alpen Challenge will take place on a new date: the road bike marathon starting and finishing in Lenzerheide will take place on June 17th 2018 already and will thus be at the beginning of the marathon season in the Alps. This is supposed to raise the riding pleasure on both the 116.1 and the 190.6 kilometer route even further. The organizers stick to proven concepts, though. There will be two routes crossing the most astonishing passes of Graubünden. Which route the participants actually ride they may decide even during the race. As this was a great success for everybody involved, the start and the finish will be placed in the biathlon arena in Lenzerheide again.

With its most breathtaking landscapes and spectacular passes and climbs, the “Challenge” in the heart of the Lenzerheide area is what it always has been: one of the most beautiful and yet hardest bike marathons in the Alps. “The feedback of the participants and their sheer passion in the finish area prove that the offer appears to be great and yet we try to improve our event every single year” as Stefan Schwenke of the OK-team stated. The reason for the date shift is simply that there is more traffic in Italy in August and that the riding experience can thus be raised even further. “Less is more. Less traffic equals more fun!” Schwenke added. The registration is open.

Short or long? You decide on the go!


Which version are you into? Fast and exciting 119 kilometers on the short version or go full throttle on the long, 194 kilometers route? In case you could not decide yet, you may do this even after the start of the race. The Alpen Challenge is the bicycle marathon where you can decide even during the event, which version you want to go for. As we need to plan the event, we ask you for a decision beforehand, however you may change your mind all the way until the crossing of the short version in Silvaplana at the bottom of the Julier Pass. The timing of your ride will be adapted automatically; it goes without saying that this service is for free. It is for this reason that you do not need to alter your booking in advance in case you want to change the route. There is one thing to be aware of, though: there will be a deadline in Silvaplana after which you will not be allowed on the longer version. This deadline might be adapted depending on the weather conditions. mountain roads in a single race. Further highlights include the ride along the Oberengadiner lakes, the descent down from the Maloja Pass, a most intriguing combination of curves down from the Splügen and – eventually – the Viamala canyon.

More room for cyclists - support vehicles are to stay at home


We want to guarantee the same conditions for every rider. The Alpen Challenge is a bike race, which is why cyclists should have as much room on the road as possible. With an impressive team, we will put a lot of effort into providing you with a perfectly secured route. This is why we want to keep any unnecessary traffic of the route and thus dearly ask the participant not to be accompanied by private support vehicles.

Program and Schedule

Sat, June 16th, 2018

2 – 7 pm: Exposition with catering and entertainment program in the finish area, Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide
2 – 7 pm: Start documents are available, Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide
2 – 7 pm: Late registration, Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide
2 – 5.30 pm: Pasta Party
6 pm: Opening and Participant Briefing in the finish area, Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide

Sun, June 17th, 2018

6 – 6:45 am: Start documents are available at the start, Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide
6 – 6:45 am: Late registration at the start, Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide
7 am: Start of the 19th edition of the Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide
9:30 am –  6 pm: Exposition and moderation of the event in the finish area, Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide
10:55 am: Approximate finish of the winner (men) of the Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide (short version)
11:30 am: Approximate finish of the winner (women) of the Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide (short version)
12 am: Award Ceremony (short version)
1:15 pm: Approximate finish of the winner (men) of the Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide (long version)
1:55 pm: Approximate finish of the winner (women) of the Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide (long version)
2 pm: Latest possible finish for the Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide (short version)
2:45 pm: Flower Ceremony (long version)
5:30 pm: Latest possible finish for the Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide (long version)

Some riders are climbing the hardest part of the epic Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide in the ascent to Splügen Pass. Photo: Henning Angerer


The short version of the Alpen Challenge is based upon the well-known and proven route of the last decade. The Albula and the Julier are considered two of the most beautiful Alpine passes that result in a 117.9 kilometers challenge with some 2698 meters of climbing combined with an astonishing experience of the scenery. The short version is demanding and not to be underestimated, yet experienced riders will be able to handle the 115 km distance and the climb up to the Julier Pass. The southern part of it is considered the relatively easier one. Nonetheless, the finale, right before the climb to Lantsch/ Lenz, is spiced up with a demanding extra loop to Salouf.

The long version of the Alpen Challenge sets standards within the biggest and most thrilling cycling marathons in the world, both in terms of sports and as to the landscape it located in.

After a short descent – together with the participants of the short version – that follows the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage railroad “Räthische Bahn” and the romantic Albula valley, the first challenge is right ahead. Even the descent from the Albula Pass is short, yet spectacular. What follows is a series of magnificent cycling highlights: the high mountain valley of the Engadin is followed by riding through the classy village of St. Moritz. The Engadin lakes will be passed just before the next mountain highlight is to come, the Maloja Pass. Having descended from the Bergell and having passed the impressive granite walls of the southern valley there, the route even crosses the Italian border. Whether the participants have some power left will be put to test at the Splügen. After these sports highlights, a veracious symphony of landscape highlights is to follow: after the curves down from the Swiss boarder, the route passes the village of Splügen, the spectacular Viamala canyon towards Thusis and, towards the end, leads the riders to the final climb back to Lantsch/ Lenz. 192.4 kilometers – the Alps at their very best – with impressive 4215 meters of climbing. This makes the route a tough and challenging one indeed, yet not extreme.

Note: All riders that choose the long version will need to have passed the crossing towards the Julier Pass in Silvaplana by 11 am (new time). For safety reasons, the road towards the Maloja Pass will be closed thereafter. Riders who have not passed the checkpoint by then will automatically be lead on the shorter version and eventually will also be classified there.


Short version of Alpen Challenge at outdooractive

Long version of Alpen Challenge at outdooractive

Award ceremony of the Alpen Challenge with Laila Orennos (left), two times winner of Ötztaler Radmarathon, coming in 2nd. Photo: Henning Angerer


The registration for the Alpen Challenge is provided online by our partner Datasport and will be available from Tuesday, November 1st at midnight. The early bird catches the worm: early registration will certainly receive the chance to participate in the summer’s cycling highlight and will profit from an early registration discount on top. The discount is available until December 31st. The online registration closes on Thursday, August 10th. Late registrations will be possible until Saturday 12th in Lantsch/ Lenz directly as well as on race day from 6 to 6:45 am. The start documents for registered riders will be available during the same time periods.

Registration fees


  • CHF 72:    Early registration until December 16th 2017
  • CHF 85:    Regular registration until May 16th 2018
  • CHF 96:    Late registration online until June 10th 2018
  • CHF 115:    Latest online-registration online until June 14th 2018, 12pm
  • CHF 115:    Late registration in Lantsch/ Lenz on June 16th and 17th

The registration fees for the 115 and the 192 version are the same. The registration is for the short or the long version, yet changing the route is possible on race day and even during the event. The latest possibility for this is in Silvaplana.

The registration places are given away following the date of registration. Places are limited. Registration will not be possible after the limit has been reached.



  • Electronic timing with transponder technology
  • Result list
  • Flower ceremony
  • Start classification based upon the performance of the previous year
  • Text message service
  • Personal participation certification (available online)
  • Personal bib number
  • Team classification
  • Refreshment stations all along the route and in the finish area
  • Voucher for the pasta party
  • Medical support along the route and in the finish area
  • Signposted and secured route – the route is not closed entirely!
  • Organization members accompany the race
  • Bike service in the finish area
  • Participation present

Starting list


Riders during the Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide in the epic climb to Splügen Pass. Photo: Henning Angerer


There will be refreshment stations to perfectly support you on all mountain passes of the route. Even though there is no actual mountain pass on the long version, we decided to position one on the Maloja Pass. This way, you do not have to tackle the longest climb of the day – the Splügen – with a full stomach. For the first time, refreshments will be available on the Albula, too. A further station will be just before the long descent on top of the Julier. On the long version, there will be refreshments on the Albula, the Maloja and eventually on the Splügen.




The tourist and cycling destination Lenzerheide is easy to reach. Coming from Germany or Zürich, you stay on highway A13 until Chur Süd (Exit 17). You will reach your destination no more than 20 minutes later already.

Coming from the South, Lenzerheide is reachable easily via Lugano and via the tunnel of San Bernardino. You follow the highway until Chur Süd (Exit 17). Some 20 mintutes later, you will have found us already. Coming from the South, you may also come via Tiefencastel.

Train and Bus

Travelling with public transportation, you may rely on the busses of Postauto Graubünden from Chur or from Tiefencastel. Both will directly bring you to Lenzerheide. Chur is connected with the SBB railroad and thus reachable from different international origins. The same counts for the network of the Rhätische Bahn RhB. Tiefencastle can be reached via the RhB railroad Chur - St. Moritz.


The closest airport to Lenzerheide is located in Zürich. From there, you can easily get to Lenzerheide with the SBB until Chur and with a bus to Lenzerheide thereafter. Apart from this, “Graubünden Express” offers convenient and direct shuttles from the airports of Zürich, Friedrichshafen and Memmingen.

The Hærvejsløbet is one of the biggest sports events in Denmark. Photo: Hærvejsløbet

Partner Event

Some 270 km covering the most beautiful natural reserves of Denmark, that is what the Hærvejsløbet is all about. Our partner event will start on June 25th in Flensburg, Germany. The finish is in Viborg, Jütland. With as many as 4500 participants, the Hærvejsløbet is considered one of the biggest sports events in Denmark. The route follows very calm roads, in parts on the “Ochsenweg”, which has been the most important route for traders and pilgrims for centuries. The time to finish the event is not as important as the team spirit. Most of the participants form groups of four to twelve riders that support each other during the ride. The organizers of the event, who will also start in the Alpen Challenge in August, promise that the Hærvejsløbet will boast with an outstandingly beautiful route with great experiences of nature and a lot of different impressions. What the Hærvejsløbet is renowned for, however, is its refreshment stations. Magnus Korsgaard Nielsen, organizer of the event, underlines clearly that taking some time at the stations for sure is worth it. As to the journey to the event, the airport of Århus is positioned perfectly. It is reachable with SWISS and SAS via Stockholf or Kopenhagen, for example. The organizers even provide shuttles from the airport to the start. Interested riders should not hesitate too long as the 160 km version, for instance, is booked out already.

Swiss Cycling Top Tour

The Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide is part of the Swiss Cycling Top Tour, a pool of the best and biggest cycling marathons and cycling tours. The label of Swiss Cycling guarantees for approved quality of the organization as well as outstanding, exciting routes. Take part in four out of eight events and receive the official jersey of the series for free.

Participations and Regulations

Every person that is 16 years or older is allowed to start in the short version of the Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide. Participants of the long version need to be 18 years or older. Participants need to be healthy and sufficiently trained to face the challenge of a cycling marathon in the Alps. Participants assure that they have gone through medical scrutiny. Participants also assure that they do not use performance enhancing substances (also refer to, that the rider’s age is correct and that the rider starts the event with their own number.

Participants are registered only once they have accepted the participation regulations of the Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide during the online registration or via signing it. Also, the registration fee has to be paid. Extra charges as a result of late registrations or charge back fees are to be covered by the participants. Participants can not claim refunds except for in case the organization is responsible for the cancellation.

The organization of Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide is not responsible for accidents of any kind and unpredictable incidents during the event. Participants are responsible for a sufficient assurance coverage themselves; by accepting the participation regulations, they declare that they are liable (TPL) for any damages or harms caused in Switzerland and in Italy. Participants can not claim indemnification from the organization in case the event has to be changed in any way or cancelled as a result of force majeure incidents, as a result of administrative ordinances or as a result of safety concerns. The organization of Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide is not liable or responsible for any damages or harms caused by themselves, by its statutory agents or any henchman.

The route of the Alpen Challenge is not closed for public traffic. Participants must meet road traffic regulations at all times. Participants must ride on the right hand side of the road. For additional safety reasons, motorbikes and cars will accompany the participants of the Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide. Participants must follow the instructions of organization staff members and the police at all times. In case of breaking official traffic regulations in Switzerland or Italy, the organization is allowed to hand out the participants’ personal data to the police. There are two railroad crossings in the Alpen Challenge, one in Surava and one in La Punt. Crossing it despite a red stop sign inevitably leads to the direct disqualification of the participant.

Unsportsmanlike behavior or behavior endangering other participants directly lead to disqualification. The organization may disqualify participants who do not reach checkpoints in time or who obviously can not reach the finish within the event’s schedule. Participants are aware of the fact that they will be disqualified in case they leave the official route, in case they use a shortcut during the event or in case they use cars or rely on other technical assistive equipment respectively.

The bib number can be handed out only in Lantsch/ Lenz directly providing a photo ID or a written authority. The numbers (handlebar number, bib number) must be readable at all times and must be mounted as indicated by the organization. Participants are aware of the fact that they will be disqualified in case the numbers are changed (such as removing or covering the advertisement) or in case they are accompanied by persons that are not registered in the Alpen Challenge themselves.

The timing of the race is possible only with the help of a transponder that is to be mounted according to the organization’s instructions. The transponder is to be carried along during the entire event. The transponder is to be handed back after the event. In case the transponder is not handed back, participants may send it to the organization via airmail at their own costs. If the transponder gets lost or is not handed back within the time limit, the organization will charge participants with a fee of CHF 50,-.

The start of the Alpen Challenge can be organized in different starting blocks. For safety reasons, the race can be neutralized for some kilometers. Overtaking is not allowed during this part of the race. The riders will be accompanied by motorbikes. Participants are to remain in their initial starting blocks. Starting in a different starting block will lead to a disqualification of the rider. Changing the starting block is possible only after reaffirmation with the organization (

Except for riders in block A, that will be timed right of the start, all other riders (starting blocks B to H) will be timed only after they have crossed the starting line. Top 10 finishers (men and women) must have been started in Block A.


There is a team classification for both route options. Teams will be acknowledged as such independent from the participants’ gender. Their team or club name is to be identical according to the registration; the participants are responsible themselves for the correct and identical spelling. A team consists of at least three riders. The classification will be the addition of the individual times needed for the route. A team or club may enter a route with no more than one team, no matter how many riders are in it. A separate registration for the team classification is not necessary. The teams registered will be announced in the week prior to the Alpen Challenge. Altering the team or team name after the start is not possible.
Starting with the number or with the transponder of another rider leads to the disqualification. Being accompanied by cars or motorbikes during the event is not allowed and will lead to the disqualification of the participant.

Waste disposal of any kind on the route or next to the route leads to the disqualification of the participant. There are designated disposal areas close to the refreshment areas.

In case of bad weather conditions or unpredictable force majeure incidents, the organization may change or shorten the route or adapt the time limits. For the riders’ safety, the organization may cancel the event.

Participants can not claim indemnification or the refund of the registration fee from the organization in case the event has to be changed in any way or cancelled as a result of force majeure incidents. The same counts in case riders cancel their participation themselves. The registration can not be transferred to another rider. The registration for the Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide is organized online via the official website or the event’s timekeeper.

With the registration, participants declare their agreement with the organization using their personal data for organization purposes. With the registration, participants also declare their agreement with the organization using photos of the event, footage or interviews for radio broadcasts, for TV shows, advertisement as well as for any type of print or online media including social networks. Participants may not claim indemnification for this.  

With the registration, participants declare their agreement with the organization – or any third party – publishing (online and/or printed) their names, their year of birth and their place of residence on the official start and result lists. This agreement is a precondition for the participation.

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